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Mules Inc has worked with and collaborated with coaches on many levels in the football world. We are an excellent resource for athletic departments to utilize when looking for a new football coach. Finding the right coach for your school deserves more attention than what a big search firm can provide you. Mules Inc. will do all the research for you and find the best fit for your program all while giving you the personalized service that your football program deserves.

As an Athletic Director or a school President your most important decision in an athletic department might be the hiring of a football coach. Sometimes a list of statistics or some well researched analytics are not quite enough to help. We here at Mules Inc. can help you in this process like no other.

Randy Mueller and his group can not only supply the “numbers” but the instincts, the boots on the ground experience and the knowledge to drill down on not only your short list of candidates, but within each one to make sure you get the best fit for your school. Randy has spent the last 30 years on college campuses watching football practices all over the country. This field level experience of watching coaches teach, motivate, recruit and mentor young student athletes is very unique and really unmatched by any other search firm. There is no substitute for an experienced and proven eye of a 30+ year, NFL executive who has canvassed the country evaluating coaches, personalities and systems.

Randy has also worked with and alongside of some of the best coaches in the history of the game. Nick Saban, Mike Holmgren, Dennis Erickson, Chuck Knox, Kirby Smart, Will Muschamp, Dann Quinn, Mike McCarthy, Jason Garrett, just to name a few. All of these coaches have a similar set of characteristics. Mules Inc. can help you identify those characteristics and help you find the best fit for your situation/school.

Why not add an extra set of eyes and a partner in the process with the knowledge of someone who has hired many coaches and staffs and worked with the best? Let us help you make the right fit for your most important hire in the athletic department.

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