Morning Mindset – May 20, 2019

Eagles Looking to Extend Wentz

Believe it or not, this is actually a very good time for the Philadelphia Eagles to extend franchise QB, Carson Wentz. Some might say, “Wait, he has been hurt for the better part of two years.” The media loves to throw that out, playing devil’s advocate. I say they have zero doubt that HE’S THE GUY. He is truly more of a franchise type QB than 90% of the guys playing now. I think he’s an MVP candidate every year if you can keep him upright. Paying him sooner than later might just get you a slightly better deal and if a better deal is reflective “cap-wise” of saving you enough space to add another player or two down the road, make the deal.

If you’re asking me, I’d rather have him for the next ten years than Dak Prescott (who is currently negotiating a new deal himself), Russell Wilson (who just DID negotiate a new deal), and Jerod Goff (who might be next in line for a crazy money deal). I think Wentz is a top 5 QB. Get it done now to show him you believe in him regardless of the injuries, and you just might get a slight discount.

Jets Considering Peyton Manning for GM Job

Right now this is just a rumor, but if it turns out to be true, I actually think it’s a “stroke of genius”. I have never been one for a former player jumping into a 24-7-365 day a year gig. Whether that jump is to coach or work in the front office etc. There is a certain work level, grind expectation and just a mindset that comes with a responsibility like this. Peyton might be the only former player who I would say is driven, singularly focused and capable of such a workload. I think he would be awesome in this role. As a figurehead for an organization, he would be outstanding. He will be willing to jump in and roll up his sleeves or he wouldn’t take the job.

Obviously, he would have to hire an everyday nut and bolt type of person that understands the business side inside and out to partner with. Someone who is able to advise him and run the personnel side from a structural standpoint. In other words, people to set him up to make the big decisions. It would also lessen the risk for ownership to couple him with a proven evaluator. That’s really the only part he would need help with. I think to get a leader like him, is a “no brainer” for any NFL owner.

Chris Long Retirement

In the NFL world where nobody retires and nobody leaves money on the table, I have to say this is one of the most respectful choices I have ever seen. Chris Long can still play in the NFL. He has the skills and leadership ability (who wouldn’t want him?). But to set it all aside in order to move on and fight a bigger cause if you will, and to turn the page in life on your own terms is truly an awesome move. It shouldn’t surprise us. Chris is a man known for helping others, for making his voice count off the field of play and being a former Walter Payton Man of the Year Award winner, it is clear he is “wired differently”. He is a guy I would want on my team any day and one who will be successful in life, no matter what he picks as his next lane. Like most of the other decisions he has made throughout his 11 year NFL career, this one should make us all feel good. Kudos Chris!

Photo Credit: Shutterstock | Danny E. Hooks

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