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QB Pressure Points Entering 2019 Season

It is easy to make a case that every NFL QB is under the microscope for most years. It is my opinion that there are three who actually have proven their value within the league. With a certain amount of success, one can make a case for that the upcoming 2019 season is likely to…
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Morning Mindset

Morning Mindset – May 20, 2019

Eagles Looking to Extend Wentz Believe it or not, this is actually a very good time for the Philadelphia Eagles to extend franchise QB, Carson Wentz. Some might say, “Wait, he has been hurt for the better part of two years.” The media loves to throw that out, playing devil’s advocate. I say they have…
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2016 Draft Grades

2016 NFL Draft Grades

With all the grades flying around from this year’s college draft, I thought I’d go back and look at the first round from 2016. It’s been 3 years now and teams have had a chance to pick up fifth-year options –or not. I’ve used, injury, production, general influence on games and the team’s decision to…
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College Draft

2019 NFL College Draft Closing Thoughts

Now that the 2019 College Draft is in our rear-view mirror, teams begin what is called “Phase 2” of their off-season programs. Fans should keep in mind that their favorite teams do not have to line up for real for four more months. Many additions, subtractions and improvements of rosters are still very popular. There…
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Draft Grades

Draft Grades – Get Back to Me in 3 Years

After a great weekend for the National Football League’s new “traveling road show” known as the College draft, the media’s immediate judgment on NFL franchises infusion of talent is now in full swing. Here is what I think…what a total waste of time. Teams Already Being Called Winners and Losers  In many cities and from…
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A GM’s Thoughts on the Purpose of NFL Mock Drafts

I am not a fan of mock drafts in general, but I clearly understand why fans LOVE THEM and why everyone puts them out as content. I also have proof that they serve a purpose in the process of preparing for a draft. Every fan wants to know who his/her team is going to draft…
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It’s All About Consensus – Preparing for the College Draft

As the General Manager of a National Football League team, I thrived in and loved the grind of the process of preparing for the college draft. The thoroughness required when listening to opinions and input from everyone involved is the most important skill set, and the one that gets overlooked the most when people try…
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NFL Draft Day

News and Notes as Draft Day Approaches

Contracts –   Russell Wilson Demands The request this week of Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson for a new contract surprised no one. He is entering the last year of his current deal and the time to exert leverage is now. Negotiating is all about timing, right? Seahawk fans should not be panicked by the request. Their…
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2019 NFL Mock Draft: Post-Combine Notes

Kyler Murray Oklahoma Quarterback and reigning Heisman trophy holder, Kyler Murray, was the media talk of the town for the whole week. The media focused on his height and weight as being the only variable that needed to be checked for him to become the next Baker Mayfield. Will he be under 5’10” or slightly…
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Best Players to Scout

How to Know the Best Players to Scout in the NFL

Why You Need an NFL degree to Get into the NFL Do you know what to look for when scouting a player? Football needs to be evaluated correctly whether you’re just a casual fan or someone who wants to get into a career in football. The NFL is not something you can just get into…
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